Banking, Insurance, Fintech, and Cell Phones, Oh My!

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There’s a lot of people promoting products that they don’t actually use themselves but will try to sell you because of a fat commission check. That’s not how I operate at Real World Personal Finance.

Let me be clear. I only promote and refer products to my readers that I actually use and like. Whether they make managing your finances easier, offer exceptional services, or can save you money. I’m here to let you know why I think they’re great.

1. Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill with Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile can save you a ton of money on your cell bill. I recently switched over from T-Mobile and am saving $48 Dollars a month between my wife and me. That’s legit savings for a cell phone plan. The best part – is my coverage hasn’t changed.

They recently rolled out a $30/month unlimited data plan – this is the plan I have. I also recently wrote a full review about Mint Mobile.

2. Ladder is where I purchased my Term Life Insurance

What makes Ladder so special is the ability to increase or decrease your coverage as needed. They call this “Laddering,” and they’re the only ones in the insurance space offering a feature like this. If your circumstances are likely to change, for example, buy a house or start a family, then having the flexibility to amend your policy is a huge plus.

They also offer an awesome $50 Referral Program for each person that signs up! Because who wants to spend money on marketing?!

You can earn up to $1000 in referrals!

Not bad at all!

3. Lemonade is my Go-To for Renter’s Insurance

I’ve had renter’s insurance through Lemonade for 5 years now.

  • You can insure easily insure valuables, like an engagement ring
  • Easy to add and or amend your policy. Their website makes it very simple.
  • They now offer Term Life Insurance and pet insurance too. When I first signed up, they only provided renters, so I may do a bundle package with them too (they offer a discount for existing customers).

4. Chase is my go-to for Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire Preferred Great travel + dining credit card

If you sign-up using the link above, you get 80,000 points ($800 cash back) after you $4,000 within the first 3 months. Plus, earn a $50 statement credit towards grocery store purchases.

  • Real-Time payments. If you pay your credit card from your Chase checking, your checking balance updates real-time and the payment is reflected the next day. It’s pretty annoying when you pay a bill and it takes 3 days to post.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free Credit Score Monitoring.

5. Use Personal Capital to track your Networth & Spending

I recently switched to Personal Capital from Mint (not the same Mint listed above) and I am loving it! The website is very easy to use. They also offer advisory services if you’re into that.

Sign-Up using my link and add a qualified account you’ll get $20.

What Products Do You Love?

Are there any products, services, or companies you love and want the RWPF readers to know about? Comment below and let us know!


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