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Real World Investor is dedicated to helping Discerning Individuals make the Best Investment Decisions.

I started this website during COVID in April 2021 after being unsatisfied with the investment reviews and ‘insight’ I constantly stumbled upon.

As a Vice President at a large US Bank and someone who has spent over ten years working on a trading floor working at large financial institutions like J.P. Morgan, I felt there was an information gap for individuals who were certainly not beginners but also not mathematicians.

We’re here to cut through the smoke and mirrors and help you make the best investment decisions about the services and tools available.

From the best real estate crowdfunding platforms to the newest brokerage investment platforms, and the latest alternative investments, plus everything in between.

We provide Real Insight, Real Opinions for Real Life people like you and me.

Welcome to realworldpersonalfinance.com

If you have any comments or thoughts, I’m always looking for a fresh perspective. Feel free to contact me:

Thank you for reading.

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