Move Over! There’s A New Kid On The Block When It Comes To The Bank Bonus Hustle

This Isn’t Your Father’s Bank Bonus Site

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When I first started signing up for bank bonuses, my wife asked me if it was legal. Of course it is. is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding out all you need to know about the newest and best bank bonuses around.

Yes, people, the Bank Bonus Hustle is real.

Just last year, I made $5,000 dollars in bank bonuses!. That’s right, $5,000 dollars for about 15 hours of work, all from the comfort of my couch. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. So, In my never-ending quest to find the latest and greatest bank bonuses around, I often scour the web looking for new bonuses that I qualify for. Far too often, I discover a bonus I think that I am eligible for, but low and behold, I’m not in the right geographic region. Sigh.

As a more experienced bank bonus hustler, I was getting frustrated trying to find new bonuses that I qualify for without spending countless house scouring the web.

Then one Saturday, I was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon a post describing something about a bank bonus website founded out of a college capstone project. Long story short – Joe Biden was elected president… and that’s when I discovered!

Boy, was this a game-changer….

A One-Stop-Shop For Everything Bank Bonus Related

When I first visited the site, what impressed me was how clean it was while offering all the information you need in one place. Bank Bonus hustling involves reading a lot of details and fine print. This website manages to give you all the information you need while not visually burning your eyes.

Look at this site: so fresh, so clean!

Every Bank Bonus
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$59,000 of bonuses in NJ alone, oh my!

You can filter the Bank Bonuses By:

  • State (This is a huge one in the Bank Bonus Hustle
  • Personal or Business Account
  • Account Type (Checking, Savings, or Investment)
  • Direct Deposit Required
  • Max Direct Deposit Amount
  • Minimum Balance Required
  • Additional Details (No hard credit pulls, No monthly fees, Can open online)

You can also select how you want to order the results

Every Bank Bonus website
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You can order the results to your liking

  • Bonus amount (high to low)
  • Newest (recent first)
  • Expiration Date (soonest to latest)
  • Monthly Fee Amount (low to high)
  • Bank (Z to A)
  • Bank (A to Z)

All these features allow you to slice and dice through the hundreds of bank bonuses to find the bonuses that fit your liking. When I first started, I only would do bonuses with the most well-known banks, but now I dabble in the fintech companies as well, so it’s great for beginners and more experienced bank account hustlers alike.

All The Data Points You Need in One Place

In your never-ending quest for bank bonus glory, you often will have questions like: “What counts as a Direct Deposit?”, “Can you fund with a Credit Card?”, “How long does it take for the bank to pay this bonus?”, “What’s the meaning of life?” (Jk)…and so many more.

These data points are often already available, but they are usually scattered throughout comments on various sites, making an overall poor user experience.

The guys at realized this when developing their sibling site – to capture all this information in an easily digestible manner. Take a look:

every bank bonus data point
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All the data points you need in one place!

You can drill down on more details:

every bank bonus
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DD Method is one of the most significant Data Points people ask about

Having all these data points makes bank bonus hustling much more time-efficient. Depending on your needs, being able to quickly check what “triggers a direct deposit” will save you a ton of time to focus on more important things….like what’s for dinner….

A Place To Connect With Bank Bonus Hustlers

In addition to their website, there is also have a Private Facebook Group to connect with other aspiring bank bonus masters of the universe. The group discusses tips, tricks, new bonuses, and generally anything bank bonus-related.

I’ll be frank. I was a bit skeptical about joining a Facebook group. Most of my friends don’t even use the service anymore, and many people associate Facebook with misinformation nowadays.

I was pleasantly surprised. The moderators in the group are very active and friendly. They foster an inclusive and supportive culture within the group. They even give a shout-out to new group members and ask what state you’re from.

I commented I was from New Jersey and have a new finance blog, and one of the moderators was so kind to ask the name of my blog. As an aspiring blogger, this was quite the compliment!

Use My Referral, Please!

To keep the Facebook Group free from seemingly spammy content, the team wisely created a place where you can post those juicy bank referrals. You can either search by Bank or a specific group member if you want to support them.

Even though no one has used any of my referrals yet, having a place to post them has satisfied some seemingly strange desire in my bank bonus journey.

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Nothing more satisfying than a tasty referral!

The Bottom Line

This website is handest down the cleanest and easiest bank bonus site to navigate. If you’re just starting out or an experienced bank account churner like myself, is at the top of my list when I’m on the hunt for new bonuses.

Also, reading their story and the genesis of their website from a college capstone project to what it is today; is truly an impressive story. Props.

P.S. The guys behind the site seem like decent people too.


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